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More information around your consent at J&J

Why can’t the opt-in I gave for my email address be processed?

In case the email address you have given has already been provided previously, we'll not be able to process your request. If you want to opt-in on our communication, including those of promotional nature, with an email address (or mobile phone number) that has already been provided by someone else, example you want to opt-in with an email address that you share with your colleagues, and one of your colleagues already provided that specific email address, we can’t process your data into our CRM system. This is because one identified account in our CRM-system, is connected to one unique email address or phone number. We do this to protect your data.

Why is my opt-in request rejected?

If we can’t match the information you provided to an account in our CRM system, we’ll reject your request. We do this because we believe you’re not eligible to receive our promotional communication because you might not be an Health Care Professional.

Why do you need extra information to process my opt-in request?

If we can’t match you automatically with the data we have in our CRM system, your request needs to be processed manually. Therefore, one of our colleagues might reach out to you to request more information to manually match your request in our CRM system. This will only happen if the information you provided, is not sufficient to automatically or manually validate your request.

In case of questions related to your consent, please reach out to to Janssen Customer Service Center.

CP-390475 - May 2023